Meet Dr. Cleo Your Fitness Coach

She is an ordained elder, licensed marriage and family therapist and certified anger management specialist, and certified fitness instructor and personal trainer, who has utilized her educational and work experience to help others achieve overall health and wellbeing. She uses a holistic approach that incorporates spiritual, mental/emotional and physical therapy into the social aspects of individual and family life, thereby bringing health and healing to the whole person.


The CleoFit Mission

CleoFit is a holistic fitness brand providing life changing principles and plans on Living Fit For Life. Our fitness for life goal is greatly impacted by the decisions we make daily.


Her Journey


Dr. Cleo fulfills her responsibilities under the leadership of Bishop S. Todd Townsend, Sr., Ph.D., Ed.D. They were united in marriage on September 23, 1989 and have three children and three grandchildren.


She received her first fitness certification in 2000 and created a unique women's group that incorporated bible study and aerobic kickboxing.
A vibrant inspirational speaker, Dr. Cleo finds daily hope and strength in the predetermined plan for her life that is rooted in God's grace.


She received her M.A. in Biblical Studies from Biblical Theological Seminary in 2001.


Ordained an Elder in the Lord's church on April 8, 2006.


As an innovative counselor, Dr. Cleo has mastered the areas of clinical and therapeutic health and well-being. In 2011, she received her Ph.D. in Couple and Family Therapy from Drexel University, with an emphasis on the intersection of race, gender, class, and disease. She provides leadership as the Executive Director of the Professional and Family Life Counseling Center and teaches family therapy courses at universities in Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE.

As a certified AFAA group fitness instructor and a certified WITS personal trainer, Dr. Cleo leads individual and group fitness classes in a safe and effective manner.

Her Testimony Getting Very Personal

My love for fitness began in 1985 taking an extra credit aerobics course in college. I loved the high energy created from explosive and low impact moves to music. Since I was not a good dancer, this was the next best thing.

I ordered exercise videos to workout at home. I kept up with various home exercises and did not join a group until I was pregnant with our first child. I was told that exercising would ease the birthing process so I signed up for maternity aerobics.


On my journey to a love for fitness, I struggled with body image. In high school I took laxatives and vomited after eating. One day after school, I was in the eleventh grade, I went to a pharmacy to buy diet pills. As I was standing there looking at all the options, a man behind the pharmacy counter told me not to buy those pills, they would poison my body which was perfect. I didn't buy the pills, and even though I didn't think my body was perfect I began to believe it must be okay since the pharmacist thought it was perfect. Of course, now, I would love to have that body again. But I continued to complain that I didn't look like the models in the magazine, my boobs made me look larger than I was (not true), I didn't have enough thigh gap, my lips were too big and the list goes on.

Well, I got my wish (be careful what you wish for). In 1989 I developed a severe case of ulcerative colitis that put me in the hospital for over a month - I dropped to 95 pounds, intravenously fed and needed 2 blood transfusions. Of course, that was not the plan, I wanted my 118-120 pound body back, but I would suffer 3 more times with these severe flare-ups before having my colon completely removed....



There is no better time than the present to take action to FIT FITNESS IN your everyday life. Coach Cleo will show you how!